Video is booming

The need for video content is increasing. Online, and especially on social media. Consumers have a craving for more than just looking at images. We’ve been aware of that for years at Yune. That’s why in 2007 we decided to start our (online) video production company. We made a lot of corporate videos in the beginning – nowadays the focus lies on social video. We’ve seen the rise of this video type from the first row. And after almost ten years working as a video specialist, we know the laws of powerful video marketing as no other.

Video production and formats

‘Everything that can be video, will be video’ is our motto. To present a strong story as a brand in 2016, you obviously pick video as your medium. What kind, that depends on your wishes. You can decide to go for a branded video, a corporate video or a tutorial.

At Yune, video’s can be created as live action (real images, with real people, animals or things) but also as 2D or 3D animation.
For this, we have an in house department with in house motion designer and our own medium-sized studio. Lights, camera, action.

After creating and producing a video, we also take care of distribution. Video publishing on the internet can go via Facebook, YouTube, Video, Snapchat, Instagram or even your own owned channels.

Video production and distribution

When we make a video at Yune, we always make sure the audience sees it. This might sound obvious, but we notice it fails for most people.
Producing a video is one thing, spreading the message is another. That’s why we always think of distribution beforehand.

This leads to a well-viewed video, online or elsewhere. Want to know more about our work? Check out our cases or contact us.

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