The process of creating a video. A good one.

Videos are not just a sequence of pretty images.
It is also important your video has a goal. Who is your target audience, what do you want to share with them and which format suits here?

This is what we think about at Yune, before we start our production. The creative process for videos overlaps with that of visuals or text: strategy, creation and production also happens when you make a video.

From concept to creating

We always start with a broad concept. We think of a bunch of good ideas and present it to our client.

When the idea is or ideas are approved, we write a script. We think of what we’ll see and how we tell this. Is there a voice over and if so, is it serious or funny, formal or informal?

From production to distribution

Deadlines are also an important aspect in this phase: when is the video due? This is an essential part or planning.

When the video is finished, we distribute it. We pick he best platform and decide on a suitable advertising budget (if needed).

Next up, we publish the video. This is when your audience sees and hears your message: yeah!

Ministry of Defence

Philips | Saeco

Albert Heijn | Villeroy & Boch cutlery

Omoda | Online commercial

ADE | Sound Speakers

ADE | Sound Speakers