A good content strategy basically means ‘thinking before doing’. Because you can think of the best and funniest content, but if it doesn’t appeal to your audience, it doesn’t get appreciated. Therefore it’s most important to propose your content in the right way, on the right platform and with the right tone of voice.

A clear content strategy helps. Working with measurable objectives and creating an overview. These are all aspects that are addressed in a good content strategy. An essential part of content marketing, because only by setting objectives in the beginning, in a later stage you can measure to see if you get the right results.

Drafting a content strategy

At Yune, we set up a content strategy by using a self-developed model, one that gives handholds in the process of creation. One of the aspects in this model is that we draft content pillars that make sure that all content is in line with the needs of the consumer. We also maintain a content calendar that shows us the most important moments within the strategy – and content to be created – in clear and visible way.

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