With information that is always available, anytime and anywhere, good content is more important than ever. The modern consumer doesn’t want to be exposed to unwanted advertising (hence the ad blockers) and is personally more active in looking for information to share and like.

Until recently paid media was a must, but today brands can divert into more creative ways to share their message. Instead of solely posting advertisements, as a brand you can also create content that really appeals to your target audience.

Creating reach

So, in content marketing it is most important to create content that your audience craves for and labels as ‘relevant’. This is a way for brands to create an added value for the consumer and to build a better connection with fans.

Aside from the fact that content marketing builds a good reputation for your brand, another perk is that all results are instantly measurable.
You will immediately see if your posted content is really what your consumer wants to see. And you can react to that.

Sure, this doesn’t mean that paid media has disappeared. Not at all. The categories paid, owned and earned are still relevant. And when it comes to content marketing, they are strongly intertwined.

From content strategy to creation

Long story short: content marketing is providing your audience with relevant information with the goal of building a better bond, improving your brand’s reputation and achieving leads. The consumer, and not the brand, plays a central role here.

At Yune we help brands with content marketing. We do this by using a set system. We begin with creating a solid content strategy, then we create content. This can be videos, blogs, Facebook posts or tweets. For all content this means that we think about distribution. After posting, we also help out with managing the community. On social media, or other owned platforms.

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