An important aspect of content marketing is the use of media. Social advertising, native advertising or influencer advertising, for instance. Paid media is necessary, because even though you create the funniest or best content; if you don’t reach your audience, all your effort goes to waste.

Online content distribution is normally divided into three categories: social advertising, native advertising or influencer marketing. We happily explain what we mean with these three.

Social advertising

We speak of social advertising when content on one’s own channel is published and broadcasted, and subsequently supported with advertising. The main goal here is to create reach, and also strengthening all earned media.

The benefit of social advertising is that content is seen by those who don’t necessarily follow your brand, but are reached by extensive targeting options. Platforms to use social advertising are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Native advertising

Aside from social advertising, we also mention native advertising a lot. In this, you work with an established platform (such as a blog) that already communicates with your target audience. This medium creates an article with your preferred message, but in it’s own tone of voice.

The advantage of native advertising is the credibility. Also, you get an extra large amount of reach outside of your own social channels.

Influencer advertising

Besides channels, we also use persona’s to create reach. We call them influencers. These are literally influential people with reach and influence within a target audience. Often they are though leader within one specific subject, but sometimes they also create more wide-ranging content. Influencers often collaborate with brands and produce content that fits their own style.

Developing a media strategy

A media strategy is not something you think of afterwards; ideally you create a good strategy during the concerting phase. Choosing channels or platforms often reflects creative choices. In other words: a video created for Facebook is way different than a pre-roll produced for YouTube.

At Yune we take care of the distribution of most content ourselves. For this we have a very dedicated media department that – in our opinion – leads to the best results. Mainly because creation and distribution are intertwined. Our media guys can act quickly and interact with the creation department when needed. This way we can create content that is actually ready for use and that suits the wishes of the target audience.

Secondly, we can keep the velocity of content in mind. This is often very short and therefore it’s preferable that content is planned and optimized without an external media agency. This also cuts costs: no extra media club means less overhead.

Want to learn more about content distribution and Yune? Then contact us and our media specialist will inform you about all the ins and outs!