Community management is the last step in the entire content process. Beginning at strategy, via creation to distribution: community management is the closing entry and a scale for the produced content.

When we work for a (new) client, we introduce a monthly content calendar. This way the client can see what content is produced and when it will be posted.

When content is published – on social or elsewhere – the community manager is the appointed person to see what happens with the posted content. He checks if it acts as expected, or that it is necessary to boost the video or post with extra ad budget.

If needed, he will reach out to the community. In that case the community manager will fulfill a web care role; for most brands an important aspect of their online strategy.

Once a month (or week, if that suits you better), the community manager reports on the posted content. To do so, we have all the tools needed. We measure the content and inspect the reach, organic and paid.