Good impressions

As a brand, you want some exposure every now and then. Create an impact. Rise above the crowd.
These are the moments you attract new people, outside of your regular ‘fan base’.

If you want to spread your message to as many people as possible, a large campaign is the way to go. Basically this means a period of time where you spread the word about a specific theme. The message is published on several channels, online and offline. To do this, a good planning and clear strategy is a must.

From awareness to activation

There are several types of campaigns. Therefore it is important to get your goals in order before you start. You can strive after brand awareness, for example, but you can also try to activate your target audience to do something to interact with your brand.
When you have a clear vision of what your goal is, you can write down the message. Keep in mind that the consumer is always the main focus when writing this down. Make sure you create content that is relevant and has the right perspective.

And this is what we do at Yune. We think of strategy, creation, media and deliver insights. Contac us if you want more information about campaigning and how we do this. We have a lot of experience!