Animation moves you

Aside from live action production; we’re also specialized in creating motion in videos. 2D and 3D animation, to be exact. Our motion designers can let everything move. Either working together with an illustrator or graphic designer, but also by making a stop-motion video.

With an animation video you can turn a complex message into a simple visual, or boring matter into an interesting whole. A good way of telling your story, so it seems.

It begins with an idea

Our motion designers often work with a copywriter. Together, they think of a script and write a voice-over or titles. Our designer completes the text with images to present a certain style. Sometimes we also create a storyboard.

From script to video

When production starts, our motion designer starts drawing. He also thinks of suitable music, sounds and movements.

In the end, an animation video is a good way of presenting your story about your brand or company to your target audience. Visually strong, original and creative: with animation video, you get what you want!

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